Economic sector

Members of the Business Sector are Business Entities. Representatives of Business Entities gather to achieve common interests and economic goals of ACMS.

The business sector organizes meetings, workshops, seminars, business, forums and cocktails, where business entities are presented and introduced in order to achieve economic and international cooperation. The economic sector contributes to the development of international trade. We represent and connect our members with associates from different parts of the world.

Sector for Culture

The Arab Center for International Cooperation organizes cultural events. In order to preserve cultural values, we show the beauties of Serbian and Arab culture. There are impressive and distinctive differences between Serbian and Arab culture that we are proud of.


Sector intended for Ladies who dominate the business world. Members are selected by recommendation, education, business qualities, results achieved, experience, desire for further training and exchange
of ideas and experiences with other members. To jointly contribute to business development and ventures at the global level.


Law graduates, members of the Arab Center for International Cooperation, provide free legal advice to foreigners. The legal aid that is provided is from all areas of law. The only precondition for this benefit is that the users of this service have a regular visa and registration of residence issued by the competent authority of the Republic of Serbia. Legal aid is provided by Sanja Kostadinovic – a law graduate with her associates.

Education Sector

This sector organizes language courses, workshops, seminars, trainings, which contribute to education in various fields.

Sector for International Cooperation

This Sector is in charge of international relations and the establishment of the best possible international cooperation in all areas between Serbia and the Region and other countries.

Social sector

Social sector organizes social activities that contribute to the realization of the goals and tasks of the Association, and which do not fall within the competence of another sector within the ACMS.