International Tourism Fair – Belgrade, Serbia

International Tourism Fair is one of the most interesting and the most significant manifestations in Serbia and the Region which was held at the Belgrade Fair.

Representatives of the Arabic Center for International Cooperation had the pleasure to visit this atractive event dedicated to the promotion of tourism – 43rd International Tourism Fair.

The impressions are wonderful.

As in all previous years, this year the organization and attendance were at an enviable level. All representatives/exhibitors secretly competed who will have a better offer, a better stand, who will be a kinder and better host. We have encountered so much variety of the same offers.

Everyone presented their offer in a unique way and that is a reflection of strong companies with a positive attitude – ‘there is a place for everyone in this world’.

We have learned something new too. We tried to shoot with a bow and arrow in a midieval way, and learned that there is a Celtic village in Indjija, near Belgrade – the perfect place for fans of this theme to visit.

We had the opportunity to see what the virtual future looks like, which really inspired us and moved our views of the world and the future, and encouraged new perspectives on life. At the stand of Turkish Embassy, we met with an interesting offer for winter in this beautiful country.

We are grateful for the exceptional hospitality and presentation of the beauties of the “UNA NATIONAL PARK”. As a foreign representative, he really took our special attention.

The representatives of the Tourist Organization of Novi Pazar made sure that the visitors “are not hungry”, who, in addition to their tourist offer, presented to the visitors through the tasting of the famous “Novi Pazar mantles”. And there are no better ones, for sure.

Traditional souvenirs, dances and music from Vojvodina and Kosovo once again adorned the halls of the Belgrade Fair.

The Embassy of Tunisia and the Sunline travel agency showed us warmth and welcome, and
the hand of friendship this year as well. Within their extremely charming – unusually decorated stand with traditional Tunisian souvenirs, with the smell of freshly brewed coffee and traditional tea, we felt at home. This year’s offer for holidays in Tunisia has been significantly expanded and innovative.

One stand attracted our special attention and we are awarding it the title of the MOST BEAUTIFUL STAND at the 2022 INTERNATIONAL TOURISM FAIR. It is the stand “SOKOBANJA – the green heart of Serbia”, which shows the natural beauty of Sokobanja forests. The exceptionally designed interior of this stand creates the feeling that you are surrounded by Sokobanja greenery. If the booth looks so tempting… it is impossible not to wonder what it looks like live. That is why you must visit this region at the first opportunity.

The “natural beauties” of the Budva coast were presented to us by the representatives of the BUDVA RIVIERA. While we were talking about this season’s tourist offer of prestigious hotels, we couldn’t help but notice the exceptional kindness and natural beauty of one Jovana. In case you didn’t know, some of the most beautiful women in the world come from the Adriatic coast.

The Tourist Board of Macedonia had an extra modern presentation of its tourist offer. Although there is no sea, we recommend that you take a look at their diverse offer. It is said that Lake Ohrid should be visited at least once in a lifetime and that skiing in the Macedonian mountains is an unforgettable experience.

The conclusion is that this fair represents not only the tourist offer, but also represents the
connection between antiquity and novelty, tradition and modernization. He is an excellent
example of tolerance and multinationality and multiculturalism. Everyone feels welcome here
and at home. Yes. The Belgrade Fair is just that: A HOUSE FOR EVERYONE.

We really enjoyed it. This was real hedonism. And speaking of hedonism … we thank our
friend Gabor from HEDONIST MAGAZINE, for sending us to the Belgrade Fair. And about
hedonism and hedonists … we warmly recommend HEDONIST MAGAZINE, here you will
find the answers you are looking for.