About Us

The Arabic Center for International Cooperation is a non-profit organization founded in 2018. We are innovative, we like to think of and realize unusual things.



Approaching the culture of Arab countries to people in Serbia and the region.

Introduction to foreigners with culture, customs and traditions of the country of Serbia.

Encouraging the development of cooperation in the field of economy between legal and natural persons from the Arab countries and legal and natural persons from Serbia and the region.

About us

Improving the development of interpersonal relationships.

Organizing activities, seminars, in the field of culture, economy, law, education.

Organization of events, competitions and other cultural events. Dealing with humanitarian work.


Organizes business forums with the goal of getting to know, presenting and connecting business people.

Organizes cultural events with the aim of showing, familiarizing and preserving Serbian traditions and traditions of Arab countries.

Organizes, alone or in community with other organizations, professional meetings, counselling, seminars and other forms of education in the field of culture, economy, law, interpersonal relations, education.

In order to achieve its goals,

the Association shall in particular:

Organizes free legal assistance to foreigners/citizens of Arab countries who reside or work in the territory of the Republic of Serbia in native / Arabic language (the party contact us through a meal with a problem that has, then we arrange a meeting and give advice on solving the problem, guidance for further work).

Organizes language courses.

Organizes conferences in the field of economic activities with the aim of presenting, familiarizing and linking stakeholders.

Cooperates with universities, schools, professional associations and other organizations in country and abroad that have the same goal or goals.


Our Team


Mohamed Ben Mosbeh



Sanja Kostadinovic



Veljko Velickovic

Vice President


Jana Aleksic

Executive Director


Jelena Milojevic

Head of the Business sector


Aleksandra Bojkovic

Head of the culture sector


Nenad Ostojic

Head of the legal sector


Kristina Manic

Head of the educational sector


Sanja Kostic

Head of the social sector

Sector for international cooporation


Vladimir Ignjatovic